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Statement by the Chairs of CivicAction and CivicAction Leadership Foundation

TORONTO, December 20, 2019 – CivicAction announced today that CEO Sevaun Palvetzian is stepping down to pursue a new leadership opportunity. While the Board is sad to see Sevaun leave, we are grateful for the tremendous contributions she has made to CivicAction over her six-year tenure.

Sevaun joined CivicAction in January 2014 and under her leadership, the organization elevated its impact to build better cities. During her time at CivicAction, Sevaun launched the CivicAction Leadership Foundation focused on developing next generation leaders that reflect our region and new employment interventions for youth most in need in our communities.

Her passion and skill for engagement was reflected in how the organization built new and effective cross-sectoral partnerships, unlocking the power of collaboration.

In CivicAction’s 2015 and 2019 Summits, Sevaun put new, bold ideas forward for our urban agenda including mental health in the workplace, helping to end sex trafficking, and challenging the definition of what “city-building” looks like. Importantly, she and the team matched those ideas with action, because to quote Sevaun, “we’re CivicAction, not CivicChitChat.”

Named one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women last year, Sevaun used this as an opportunity to bring attention to issues that matter to people across this region. She advocated for new voices at the tables of influence, including the next generation of leaders.

Sevaun will complete her time with CivicAction on January 31st, 2020. Our deepest thanks to her for her contributions to CivicAction, the world of city-building and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. We wish Sevaun the best in her next chapter of action.

Zabeen Hirji                                                 Tim Hockey
Chair, CivicAction                                        Chair, CivicAction Leadership Foundation



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