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Workplace mental health programs deliver healthier bottom lines

Deloitte analysis finds a median return on investment of $1.62 for every $1 spent

Programs that promote good mental health at work aren’t just good for the people — they’re good for business, too.

new analysis from Deloitte Insights, the research arm of accounting giant Deloitte, calculated the return on investment (ROI) of workplace mental health programs at various stages of maturity.

It found that for every $1 invested in workplace mental health, the median yearly return was $1.62, a figure that rises to $2.18 for programs that have been in place for three years or more.

To arrive at these findings released this week, the researchers examined 10 Canadian companies with established mental health programs or initiatives. The subjects were chosen to represent a variety of industries and locations across the country. Ultimately, data from seven were included in the calculations.

“Through our research, we know that over 500,000 Canadian employees a week are unable to work due to poor mental health. The lost productivity there is enormous,” said report co-author Sarah Chapman, a director in Deloitte’s sustainability and social impact advisory practice.

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