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Transit taxes: Poll shows split on who should pay for gridlock relief

Nearly half of Toronto-area residents believe the region needs new funding to tackle the crippling road congestion that sucks $6 billion a year out of the economy.

More than two-thirds, 71 per cent, say they’re fed up with the traffic that has them gripping the steering wheel or sitting on the bus longer than commuters in nearly every other North American city.

But a Forum Research poll for CivicAction suggests the region is still split on where the money should come from.

Fifty-two per cent of respondents indicated it was “unfair” to ask residents to contribute to the Big Move, Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan. Only 39 per cent said it was “fair” to ask residents to pay.

The results show that there’s room for more education, said CivicAction CEO Mitzie Hunter.

“We need to continue to build more awareness about the Big Move and the fact that there is a vision for improving the transportation system — the whole system, road users, transit users and those who are active users. We need to talk about that, because we know there’s a tremendous amount of frustration,” she said.

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