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To rebuild a better Toronto, your personal actions matter

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By: Tamara Balan, Interim CEO

COVID-19 recovery has started. You can see it—shops are reopening, patios are forming on streets, and pools in the city are now open to help us cool down from the summer heat.

It’s encouraging to see progress like this. But there’s more to rebuilding our region than just opening shops and patios.

We are facing two pandemics: COVID-19 and systemic anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and discrimination.

The data show that most Canadians agree on the latter. According to a recent Abacus Data survey, 61 per cent of people believe systemic or institutional racism exists in Canada.

However, this same data point also shows that sustained and ongoing work is needed to open many Canadian eyes to the injustice people face across our country. We need everyone to agree.

We can start locally. If we are to truly rebuild and live up to our city’s motto “Diversity Our Strength,” both leaders and residents have equally important roles to play in building a more equitable, just and thriving future.

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