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Tips to start your corporate civic journey

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By Sevaun Palvetzian

If you’re a business owner, how do you make an impact? It’s a question being taken up by more and more big brand names.

Just in the past year, companies like Nike, Lego, and Gillette have released ads or made announcements that tie their brand directly to current issues, from anti-racism, to the environment to LGTBQ+ rights.

More recently, insurance company Aviva Canada placed yellow flags at a busy Toronto crosswalks to signal its commitment to road safety and to launch its Take Back Our Roads Campaign.

And when our beloved Toronto Raptors were on their way to an NBA championship, Canadian Tire and Sport Chek teamed up to replace basketball nets across the city.

So why are companies now upping their corporate social responsibility game?

Read why companies are making civic impact and how Toronto’s small businesses can too.



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