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The key to a thriving business: Making Minds Matter

Published on the City of Mississauga Blog
Written by Linda Weichel

Does your business benefit from having workers that are focused, productive, and loyal? If you answer yes, than you’re probably already thinking about how to support those workers and their mental well-being.

At the core of a successful business is the belief that employees will give of their best where mental health is a part of a healthy and safe workplace. And that comes from talking about it, and finding ways to tangibly support it.

If you need any convincing, take a look at the priority the Ministry of Labour is giving mental health. Starting this past January, people may be eligible for Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) benefits if they have experienced a substantial work-related stressor like bullying or harassment.

It makes it timely to take a look at your own workplace culture and practices, and take action. CivicAction, a Toronto-based non-profit that brings together senior and emerging leaders to tackle tough urban challenges, has developed a free online assessment tool for employers called MindsMatter / SoutienBienÉtre that gives them three tailored actions to take. More than 50 Mississauga organizations have already taken the assessment since it was launched last year.

The actions can be as simple as asking your staff how they could be better supported at work, making sure work expectations are clear and aren’t contributing to people’s stress, offering training on how to notice signs of mental health issues, or including mental health support in your benefits plans.

With leadership setting a good example for others, it can be the catalyst that sets an organization on the path to a high-supported, high-performing workforce and a strong, resilient business.

Go to to take the free, three-minute assessment today.

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