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CivicAction Statement Regarding Racism and Violence Against the Black Community

Recent acts of anti-Black racism and violence have rightly caused shock and outrage all over the world, including here at CivicAction. To end it requires us to collectively work harder than ever before.

CivicAction is proud to serve a network of thousands of senior and rising leaders who come from all sectors, backgrounds and communities. As an organization that aims to boost civic engagement and build better and more inclusive cities, we can and will do more.

CivicAction is making these three immediate commitments:

  • We will use our social media and programming platforms to amplify Black leaders and others who are doing important work in anti-Black racism.
  • We will actively reflect on how we work as an organization and continue to make changes based on lessons we have learned from Black, Indigenous and other racialized leaders.
  • We will use our role as a convener to bring anti-Black racism conversations to leaders who want to be better allies and to leaders who have yet to engage in these topics.

We also have a collective responsibility as a region to take action. We call on leaders, organizations and businesses across the greater Toronto region to do to the following:

  • Research what anti-Black racism means and how to take action. The Toronto Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism has a number of key recommendations and actions.
  • Donate to anti-Black racism and anti-racism initiatives that serve our region’s diverse communities.
  • Have candid conversations in your community, family, and workplace about Black racism and take deliberate action that leads to change.
  • Make a commitment to continue learning, growing and taking action that supports anti-Black racism movements and organizations.

We acknowledge there is much more learning to do on anti-Black racism and we commit to doing better across our initiatives and programs. We too say Black Lives Matter.

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