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Sounding Board: Workplace mental health requires all hands on deck

Published in Benefits Canada
by Sevaun Palvetzian and Rupert Duchesne

More than ever, mental health is at the centre of our national conversation. From mayors to chief executive officers to well-known Canadians, mental health has never had so many different champions. And rightly so. Mental health exists where we do, extending from our homes, throughout our communities and into the workplace.


We saw an opportunity to help. Alongside a 40-member champions council of experts, employers and people with lived experience, CivicAction launched a free online assessment to help employers take that first or next step towards better workplace mental health. Since its launch in December 2016, we’ve seen more than 750 businesses and organizations take the assessment to make those first or next steps on a mental-health journey. Overall, these organizations have the potential to benefit up to 1.7 million Canadians.


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