By 2022 the skills required to perform most jobs will have changed by 42% and as many as 50% of occupations will undergo a skills revolution due to automation. With 1 in 5 youth already in jobs that are at high risk of automation, our young people may face the brunt of this change. 

CivicAction, working with LinkedIn, has set out to demystify the world of work for young people and give them new online opportunities to build the skills employers want and need.

Now Hiring: The Skills Companies Want that Young Canadians Need

Only 34% of employers feel that youth are adequately prepared for the workforce. More importantly, 65% of kids entering primary school today will hold jobs that don’t exist yet.

So what can we do to help young people understand the changing nature of work, and make it easier for employers to find talent? We can take an approach that we know works well: use new and traditional data sources, employer insights, and trends forecasting to better anticipate in-demand skills.

With this approach in mind, CivicAction partnered with LinkedIn Canada and Knockri, to create Now Hiring: The Skills Companies Want that Young Canadians Need, a report that provides new insights into the future of work in Canada and provides a potential roadmap forward for youth, employers and governments.

Key findings include:

  • Retail, health care and social assistance, and finance and insurance continue to be the largest industries with entry‑level roles in Ontario.

  • Foundational skills are the most in‑demand and most cited skills in job postings. They include communication, growth mindset, collaboration, empathy and creativity, alongside digital literacy.

  • By 2019, 182,000 information and communication technologies job vacancies will exist in Canada, with 42% of these jobs being in Ontario.

Now Hiring also compares three markets across Canada—Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax—to help map out what is happening across the country.

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A special thank you to Manulife for helping make the tech sector more inclusive for youth.