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Sex-trafficking targets Toronto’s youngest and most vulnerable residents

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By Sevaun Palvetzian

Toronto often gets a gold star as a safe and progressive city, sits on top of livable cities lists, and serves as a model for North America and arguably the rest of the world. We should be proud, but also recognize that all cities have cracks, some more visible than others.

The gridlock and packed subways we face on our daily commute tell us that our transit system and the way we get around isn’t keeping pace. The flooded basements and streets we see when it rains tell us our underground systems aren’t built for today’s reality.

But sitting just under the surface, largely unknown and undetected, is a growing issue that needs our collective attention — sex-trafficking. While it isn’t a typical city-building topic, it is one that is increasingly effecting our youngest and most vulnerable residents and needs to be recognized, understood and addressed.

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