We engage the key players, including business, labour, academic, non-profit and community sectors, in addition to all three orders of government, and even the unusual suspects, to leverage their collective energy, networks and thought leadership.

Below, see the key reports emerging from our work. 

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Taking Action – Impact Report 2018
November 2018

From tackling youth unemployment to building a pipeline of diverse leaders to improving workplace mental health, 2018 has been a year of action for both CivicAction and the CivicAction Leadership Foundation.

But action is a team sport, and we’ve been fortunate to work with a full roster of partners who help us achieve our vision of a region that works for all of its residents. Our thanks to everyone who has helped get us closer to this vision over the past year.

See how we’ve been continuing our track record of impact in our 2018 Impact Report.

Leaders Live Here – Impact Report 2017
December 2017

CivicAction’s vision is to create a region where everyone recognizes that they have a role to play in our collective success and is taking action to shape a better future. The CivicAction Leadership Foundation supports this work by harnessing the power of diverse leaders to build strong, dynamic and inclusive cities.

In 2017 we spent the year making impact–from activating rising leaders to moving the needle on workplace mental health and youth unemployment–we’re thrilled to share the full results of our work here.

Thank you to the incredible network of supporters who make all of our work possible.

Blueprints for Action: Minimizing Homeowner Flood Risk in the GTHA
September 2016

In 2013, Toronto witnessed dramatic flooding brought on by a powerful summer storm. It overwhelmed local sewer infrastructure and flooded homes and basements, leaving $1 billion in insured property damage and allocated loss adjustment expenses.

Since then, homeowners have taken little action. According to a survey completed for Public Safety Canada, 74% of Canadians have not protected their homes from flooding and 54% were not concerned about flooding in their area.

In response to these findings, CivicAction and the Insurance Bureau of Canada convened organizations from across sectors to discuss strategies in a regional forum to engage and activate Toronto region homeowners to minimize their vulnerability to flood risk.

This report outlines key collaborations and ideas coming out of the forum that can motivate GTHA residents to better prepare themselves for home basement flooding.

“We all like to point out what needs to change in our cities. CivicAction does something about it. This is an organization devoted to identifying areas where the city can improve, figuring out how we can contribute, then getting it done. Rinse and repeat. I love that.”

Cameron Bailey, CivicAction Board of Directors; Artistic Director, Toronto International Film Festival

Infrastructure for Today & Tomorrow – Ensuring We Get It Right
September 2016

In 2016, the federal government committed $60 billion in new infrastructure funding over the next 10 years – a critically important investment in the future of Canada.

In response to this new chapter in our nation’s infrastructure story, CivicAction – in partnership with Deloitte – conducted a series of roundtables and interviews with civic and community leaders from across the GTHA, representing the not-for-profit, private, labour, academic, and municipal and provincial government sectors.

This report is the outcome of this process, and provides a set of recommendations to help guide sound infrastructure investment decisions.

Mental Health in the Workplace – Let’s Make it Happen
April 2016

With research partners Morneau Shepell and the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis, we’ve learned the scope of how mental health impacts the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area labour force. Along with this powerful data, we’re calling on employers and colleagues to take simple steps now to better support co-workers. 

Unlocking New Insights & Potential From Our Technology Workforce:
Real-Time Big Data in the Toronto Region
April 2016

This report summarizes the findings of CivicAction’s research with LinkedIn using real-time data as a source of labour market information. Through our partnership with the world’s largest online professional network, new insights surfaced about the technology skills employers are hiring for in the Toronto region and the role that online platforms can play in providing new information on real-time skills needs.

Over the Finish Line: Race, Reduce, Repeat 
December 2015, Final Report

This final report tells the story of the Race to Reduce, the final results, and shares energy conservation best practices for creating sustainable change within Canada’s office sector.

The report also includes tips and tools for launching a voluntary energy reduction challenge in your own city.

Escalator: Jobs for Youth Facing Barriers – Reaching the Next Level of Opportunity
September 2015, Progress Report 

This progress report recaps our collaborative work on the youth unemployment front over the last year, by discussing successes, lessons learned, and next steps for each pilot project, and includes stories from numerous champions and stakeholders who joined us on this important initiative. For additional reading: Appendix 1 – Evaluation ReportAppendix 2 – Media Coverage

Better City Bootcamp – Jumping Into Action: Boots on the Ground
June 2015, Report from 2015 CivicAction Summit, April 2015

The 2015 CivicAction Summit: Better City Bootcamp was an intense, action-oriented day that convened close to 1,000 leaders to set the regional agenda for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) over the next four years. Better City Bootcamp looked at five foundational issues at the core of the health and resilience of our people and communities – infrastructure, public space, mental health, affordable housing, and childhood health.

Escalator: Jobs for Youth Facing Barriers – Companies and Youth Moving Up in the World 
September 2014

Escalator: Jobs for Youth Facing Barriers connects youth facing barriers with jobs through collaboration with a large tent of players – government, private sector and not-for profit. By engaging small and medium-sized businesses, bringing job opportunities into the open, closing the skills gap, and connecting youth with role models, CivicAction is making the job market more transparent and giving new networks to youth who currently don’t have them.

Remarkable Alliances: Changing the Energy Conversation within Canada’s Office Sector
Spring 2014

This report chronicles the initial stages of our journey to transforming the energy conversation in the commercial office sector through the Race to Reduce

Insights on Diversity in Leadership
Fall 2013

DiverseCity launched in 2008, setting out to change the face of leadership in the Greater Toronto Area. This document summarizes our collection of DiverseCity reports from 2008-2013. We hope it will help keep the momentum for change alive in our city. We also believe it will serve to ignite a passion for counting in cities across Canada and around the word.

Our Region, Our Move: Accelerating investment in our transportation network
May 2013, Report from the CivicAction Forum

On April 17, 2013, 300 civic leaders from across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) convened at the CivicAction Forum: Our Region, Our Move. The event marked a milestone in CivicAction’s Your32 campaign and in our region’s efforts to tackle its traffic congestion crisis.

Breaking Boundaries: Time to Think and Act Like a Region
July 2011, Report from the CivicAction Greater Toronto Summit 2011

On February 10 and 11, 2011, when over 1,000 regional leaders from business, government, non-profits, labour and academia came together at CivicAction’s Greater Toronto Summit 2011, they were following in the footsteps of thousands of others who, since 2002, have worked together to identify and respond in innovative ways to our region’s strengths, challenges and opportunities.

The Living City Report Card 2011: An assessment of the environmental health of the Greater Toronto area
January 2011

Greening Greater Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) collaborated to produce this independent, unique analysis of the drivers that influence the GTA’s environmental performance, assesses where we’re making progress, sets out short and long-term targets, and assigns grades by rating current environmental conditions against the long-term targets. It goes on to identify opportunities for action by GTA leaders, organizations and residents.

The Value of Diverse Leadership
November 2008, prepared by The Conference Board of Canada

This report examines in detail the nature of the benefits associated with diverse leadership and highlights how organizations and communities can maximize them. It has been prepared for DiverseCity: The Greater Toronto Leadership Project, an initiative of Maytree and the Toronto City Summit Alliance (now CivicAction), to help foster greater understanding of the benefits of diversity of leadership and knowledge about how this in turn can strengthen organizations and communities. 

Greening Greater Toronto
July 2008

At the Toronto City Summit Alliance’s 2007 Toronto City Summit, over 600 leaders from across the GTA called for a regional environmental vision that could build on existing efforts and leadership: Greening Greater Toronto was the result. This report represents a roadmap towards a greener region, one that can build on existing initiatives and help harness our strengths to get us there. 

Making Big Things Happen
November 2007, Report from the Toronto Summit 2007

On February 26-27, 2007, over 630 Toronto region leaders participated in the third Summit, Toronto Summit 2007: Making Big Things Happen. This document contains the highlights of the Summit 2007 discussions and summarizes the opportunities for making decisions and taking actions that will make big things happen in our region.

Time for a Fair Deal
May 2006, Report of the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults

The Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults was formed in the fall of 2004 by the Toronto City Summit Alliance (now CivicAction) and by St. Christopher House, a multi-service neighbourhood centre that works with low income people in Toronto. All of the Task Force members are united in a belief that the current income security system is broken, and that all orders of government must come to the table to secure the needed reforms.

Assessment of the Toront03 Alliance’s Tourism Recovery Efforts
August 2004

The T03 Alliance was formed in June 2003 to help revitalize the tourism industry in Toronto and surrounding regions (e.g. Niagara, Stratford, and Muskoka) post-SARS. This report provides a review of the impact of the Toront03 Alliance’s (T03) activities on bringing US tourists back to Toronto post-SARS.

Enough Talk: An Action Plan for the Toronto Region
April 2003, Launch Report 

The Toronto City Summit Alliance (now CivicAction) was formed to address the challenges the first Toronto City Summit identified as critical to our shared future– finance, infrastructure, education, immigration and the underlying health of our regional economy. This report highlights key issues facing the region and outlines an action plan where progress can be made quickly.