CivicAction’s MindsMatter Online Assessment Tool Questions

CivicAction’s MindsMatter Online Assessment Tool Questions

CivicAction’s MindMatter assessment is an online tool designed to let organizations quickly know where they are at with mental health by asking the 12 questions below. When the assessment is completed, a tailored report is provided with key actions and recommended resources to take the next step. The tool is free, confidential, easy-to-use and takes under three minutes to complete. 

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 Awareness and Training:

  • Does your organization provide employees with information on mental well-being (eg: how to manage stress) and available supports (eg: mental health-related benefits, wellness programs)?
  • Does your organization actively engage employees in activities supportive of mental well-being?
  • Has your organization extended formal education / training opportunities to employees relating to mental well-being?
  • Have the managers in your organization participated in training to increase their understanding of mental health in the workplace and the resources available to support it?

Organizational Support:

  • Has your organization taken measures to reduce work-induced stress (eg: ensuring manageable workloads and reasonable deadlines)?
  • Does your organization have an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) or other supports in place for mental well-being?
  • Does your organization have a mental well-being strategy or plan in place?
  • Is your organization supportive of people when they are taking a mental health leave (eg: keeping in touch while they are away) or when they return to work (eg: offering accommodations)?


  • Is senior leadership supportive of having a mental well-being strategy?
  • Has senior leadership shown visible commitment to workplace mental well-being?
  • Has senior leadership established a process to track the mental well-being of the organization?
  • Has senior leadership publicly demonstrated their commitment to mental health in the workplace (eg: signed a pledge or given a speech outside your organization)?
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