Mental Health in the Workplace: MindsMatter/SoutienBienÊtre

After a successful three-year program, CivicAction has handed its MindsMatter/SoutienBienÊtre workplace mental health assessment over to the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). MHCC is offering the assessment tool as part of a broadened suite of training and services to workplaces across Canada and beyond.

You can still take the free assessment at the Mental Health Commission of Canada  In English or  En Francais

CivicAction’s 2015 Better City Bootcamp Summit flagged workplace mental health as a major risk or opportunity to our prosperity.

Original research with CANCEA and Morneau Shepell showed that approximately half of the GTHA’s workforce had experienced a mental health issue, and over the next 10 years, current mental health issues in the GTHA labour force could result in almost $17 billion in lost productivity. The opportunity for action lay in 2016 research from the Canadian Mental Health Association that showed forty-two percent of Canadian business leaders wanted to take action to address workplace mental health but hadn’t yet due to barriers such as lack of time, resources, or know-how.

The Action

CivicAction responded by bringing together a group of employers, experts, and people with first-hand experience of mental health issues to develop MindsMatter/SoutienBienÊtre. The first-of-its-kind free, 3-minute online workplace assessment gives employers a tailored three-point action plan to create mental health-supportive workplaces and gain from a more empowered, supported, and high-performing workforce.


Total # of people take the assessment.


Clicks to external
mental health resources.


Organizations take the assessment.

 3.1 M 

Employees potentially benefitting
from MindsMatter workplace mental health action.

And action does make a difference.

Compared to three years ago, of those who had taken action since taking the assessment:


reported giving
mental health greater priority


reported being able to talk about mental health more easily


reported greater awareness of mental health supports

Stories of Action:

After taking the assessment, participants were inspired to take action by joining webinars that showcased what leading employers were doing and reading stories of action in the workplace and the difference it makes.

Here’s what organizations of all shapes and sizes have done for better workplace mental health in just three years:

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