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MindsMatter Action: VanillaSoft

With October featuring Mental Illness Awareness Week, World Mental Health Day and Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, better workplace mental health is top of mind for many organizations. CivicAction reached out to organizations to see how they’re taking action. Read what VanillaSoft is doing in this Q&A with Evan Luke, Marketing Operations and Campaigns Manager.

A headshot photo of Evan Luke.

Evan Luke, Marketing Operations and Campaigns Manager, VanillaSoft

Tell us about a change your organization is taking to improve workplace mental health.

VanillaSoft has offered an updated benefits plan with secure access to doctors and counsellors, 24-7, so that employees have a go-to resource for immediate issues or concerns. We have also invested time in creating awareness at a management level on the importance of mental well-being amongst employees. Additionally, we’ve worked to accommodate employee requirements in terms of work location, environment, and equipment.

How is this change positively affecting your workplace culture or your employees’ attitudes to mental health?

Employees have been receptive to the changes and are taking advantage of the new accommodations. As the company scales, and doubles in size, the need for a comfortable culture grows with it. We still have much more work to do.

Are there plans for more actions to come? 

Yes! We are in the process of outfitting a safe room for employees to go to when not feeling well (physical and/or mental well-being).

What does good workplace mental health look like to you?

Satisfaction, fulfillment, a well-defined sense of purpose, and a sense of respect for employees’ well-being both inside and outside the workplace embedded into our company culture.

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