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MindsMatter Action: Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance

With October featuring Mental Illness Awareness Week, World Mental Health Day and Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, better workplace mental health is top of mind for many organizations. CivicAction reached out to organizations to see how they’re taking action. Read what Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance is doing in this Q&A with Pauline Daugherty, Occupational Health Coordinator.

Tell us about a change your organization is taking to improve workplace mental health.

Our Employee and Family Assistance Program with Homewood Health provides proactive health counselling for individuals who are striving to make changes in their health status.

Not Myself Today is a program with Canadian Mental Health Association that provides tools and resources to equip managers to have conversations with their staff regarding mental health. This program provides an opportunity for staff to talk about mental health in an open manner breaking down barriers.

Yoga has been provided for our staff at various times. Massage chairs are in the staff lounges.

Employees are encouraged to take their breaks and get away from the work environment with many taking the opportunity to walk outside during their lunch time.

How is this change positively affecting your workplace culture or your employees’ attitudes to mental health?

Our employees feel supported in the workplace, with debriefing sessions following traumatic events.

Are there plans for more actions to come? 

We hope to plan more activities focused on mental health, resilience, and reducing stress.

What does good workplace mental health look like to you?

An organization that recognizes mental health is equally as important as physical health will demonstrate to employees that their entire wellness is our focus.

Anything you’d like to add?

Workplace mental health can be a journey with many challenges along the way, but the rewards are incredible when employees feel safe and supported.

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