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MindsMatter Action: Inkblot Therapy

Online video counselling service Inkblot Therapy is making Canadian workplaces more positive and productive. We know firsthand how challenging it is to strike that all-important work-life balance at a start-up. That’s why our leadership team makes mental health a priority not only for our customers, but for our employees. Founder Dr. Arash Zohoor reaches out to employees when he notices issues arising and provides support when it’s needed. Chief Marketing Officer Julie Sabine, a trained psychotherapist, educates the team about mental health and encourages us to speak out when we’re struggling.

Every morning, Inkblot team members share updates on what we are focusing on with the team, starting with what we’re feeling grateful for that day. Having a daily gratitude practice has been shown to promote positivity, improve well-being, reduce pain, and support stress management and good sleep.

At Inkblot, we believe that no matter where you are, you can shift your thinking and find something positive to focus on. A little bit of practice and a supportive team goes a long way.

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