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MindsMatter Action: Community Care Durham

With October featuring Mental Illness Awareness Week, World Mental Health Day and Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, better workplace mental health is top of mind for many organizations. CivicAction reached out to organizations to see how they’re taking action. Read what Community Care Durham is doing in this Q&A with its Wellness Committee.

Tell us about a change your organization is taking to improve workplace mental health.

Community Care Durham has recently introduced a Wellness Committee (Social, Health and Diversity), which is looking at creating workplace unity, organizing social events such as pot lucks and barbecues, and celebrating cultural events. The committee is also looking at developing a newsletter to keep staff informed of the upcoming events, education pieces on cultural diversity, and reminding staff of ways to look after their own mental health.

How is this change positively affecting your workplace culture or your employees’ attitudes to mental health?

Encouraging staff to take care of their own mental health should increase productivity while decreasing staff stress levels. We will be arranging guest speakers to talk about the stigma behind mental health, and encourage staff to talk about it and to ensure they are taking time for self-care.

Are there plans for more actions to come? 

As an organization, we are hoping to bring the staff together to get rid of the silos and encourage a sense of community.

What does good workplace mental health look like to you?

Embracing diversity and our mental health needs makes our organization stronger which allows us to better serve our clients. Having staff practice self-care ensures that our clients will receive the best care that we can provide. We would like to show our employees that we trust them and want to empower them to practice good workplace mental health to ensure employee engagement.

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