Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MindsMatter program?

According to a survey by the Canadian Mental Health Association, 32% of Canadian business leaders are taking action to address workplace mental health, while 42% are interested but haven’t taken action due to barriers such as lack of time, resources, or know-how.

CivicAction’s MindsMatter program helps employers overcome barriers with a free online assessment tool that provides customized actions and related resources to better support people’s mental health. We also have actions co-workers can take to better support each other.

What is CivicAction’s MindsMatter Assessment Tool?

CivicAction’s online assessment tool is designed to help you quickly know where your organization is at in supporting your people’s mental health and how to better support them. The assessment tool is free, confidential, easy to use, and takes under three minutes to complete.

Once you’ve taken the assessment, you will receive a tailored report that gives you three actions to take with recommended resources – all provided by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Is CivicAction’s MindsMatter program right for my organization?

CivicAction’s MindsMatter program will benefit all employers regardless of size, the mental health supports they have in place, or where they are on their mental health in the workplace journey.

How will my organization benefit from taking this assessment?

  • It provides simple actions to get started or take the next step in creating a workplace that support’s your people’s mental health
  • It provides resources with examples or templates
  • It can signal to your employees that you are committed to supporting their mental health

Who, within my organization, should complete the Assessment?

  • Senior human resource representatives
  • Small and medium-sized business owners
  • Senior management

How long does it take to complete the Assessment?

With 12 questions to answer, the assessment should take under 3 minutes to complete.

Is it free?


Is it available in French?

Yes. Please go to:

Who has access to my answers?

CivicAction’s MindsMatter assessment tool is confidential. The person who fills out the assessment is the only person to receive a report of recommended actions.

CivicAction is the only organization with access to the responses, and is the only organization that will analyze the aggregate data from the survey.

Responses to the questions will not be referred to on an individual basis, but only on an aggregated basis (as in 13% of respondents state that senior leadership in their organization is tracking mental well-being of their organization).

Registration information will not be shared publically beyond the person’s organization being recognized as a participant.

See our Privacy Policy here:

E-mail us at with any questions.

If my employer isn’t supportive, is there something employees can do to support a co-worker who may be experiencing a mental health issue?

Visit the following page for more on how co-workers can be helpful to each other:

What kinds of questions will I be asked?

You’ll be asked questions about whether you’ve taken actions that support your people’s mental health in the areas of awareness and training, formal organizational supports, and leadership.

Who was involved in the development of this tool?

The content for the MindsMatter tool has been developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada with the financial support of Health Canada. The suggested actions are in line with the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Thanks to Morneau Shepell for technology assistance and PUBLIC Inc. for branding and creative.

Why were specific actions and resources included in the Assessment Tool over others?

The actions and resources provided are not exhaustive, however they offer a starting point for employers interested in making a positive change in their work environment. Additional actions and resources are available here. Please email with actions or resources you suggest we should consider including.

If I am an employer outside the Toronto Region, may I take this Assessment?

Yes, there are no restrictions on who can complete the assessment. While this program and its resources focus on the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, we encourage employers outside of the area to take the assessment and share your experience at #mindsmatter @CivicActionGTHA or

What is the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace?

Championed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), and developed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) and the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ), the National Standard is a voluntary set of guidelines, tools and resources focused on promoting employees’ psychological health and preventing psychological harm due to workplace factors.

If my employer isn’t supportive, is there something employees can do to support a co-worker who may be experiencing a mental health issue?

Everyone can play a role in contributing to a workplace that supports people’s mental health. If an employee thinks a co-worker may be experiencing a mental health issue, they can help by providing encouragement and information on supportive services available in the workplace (such as an employee and family assistance plan) or in the community.

It is important that they do not try to diagnose the problem. This should be left to a trained health professional. It is enough that they have noticed a change in a co-worker’s behaviour and have expressed their concern and support. If they have a supportive supervisor, they may want to identify that there is a problem and mention their concern about the co-worker’s health.

Look for the Co-worker material here for more on how to be helpful to each other.

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