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What do 1,000 organizations have in common?

It’s official—over 1,000 organizations have taken CivicAction’s free #MindsMatter assessment and have taken their first or next step to creating more mental health-supportive workplaces!

With our Mental Health in the Workplace Champions Council, CivicAction is leading a program that has the potential to benefit as many as 2.1 million Canadian workers from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

And in a recent survey of MindsMatter participants, 85% of those who have taken action said there is greater awareness of mental health supports available within their organization, and their workplace culture allows employees to discuss mental health issues more comfortably.

See more of what they’re doing and saying in our infographic below.

Join this growing movement of employers turning good intentions into action by taking the 3-minute, free assessment today!


Infographic sharing what over 1,000 organizations who have taken the MindsMatter assessment have in common.

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