HireNext Worksheets & Tipsheets

Below, you can find and download the tips and worksheets that are provided in our HireNext Roadmap. 

Unlocking the Talent Pool

Building a Business Case

If your organization is going to strategically target opportunity youth to build a talent pipeline, the way you approach the conversation will be integral to success.

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Sourcing & Recruiting

Working with Community Partners: The First Meeting

Here are some examples of what to share in the initial conversation with an agency, and some questions to ask them.

What to Consider When Creating Job Postings

Writing an accurate, descriptive, and compelling job description is a key element to finding your perfect opportunity youth candidate. This checklist will help you get started in writing a great job description. 



5 Tips for Success

Proper onboarding is instrumental to the success of any new hire, particularly with opportunity youth. An adjusted and personalized onboarding process that considers unique needs will have a positive influence on their commitment, performance and retention. 

Building Mentorship Programs

Here are five questions to answer as you build your mentorship program. Remember, you want to provide youth with the “big picture,” guidance within the workplace, industry and career path, and then work your way down.

Tips & Tricks for New Mentors

Depending on your mentees’ interests, some of these suggestions may be helpful for new mentors to review and share. Remember, each relationship is unique!

Onboarding: What Happens Before Day 1?

Your relationship with a new youth hire should start before their first day, with touchpoints beginning after they are formally hired. Early communication can establish connections, manage expectations, and alleviate stress, as well as help them feel confident, inspired and fully prepared to contribute from day one. Below are a few points to consider.

Onboarding Checklist for the First 90 Days

The standard onboarding journey contains some common elements: introductions to colleagues, a workspace tour, an overview of the organization, and a review of key responsibilities and expectations. While this is a good  template to follow, making minor, low-cost adjustments for opportunity youth can
make a big difference in their being set up for success.

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