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CivicAction’s HireNext Helps Companies Offer Opportunities to Youth

HireNext is a free program from CivicAction that helps employers attract and retain the diverse, young talent their organizations need to thrive.

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Fiix Software has seen a shift in its workforce toward increased diversity, creativity, and engagement. Dean Delpeache, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Fiix Software, attributes this to hiring more youth. “We believe that youth bring a certain type of creativity and vision to our business. They may not be as experienced, but they bring a form of innovation, and that contributes to improving our bottom line,” says Delpeache.

To learn how to attract and retain young talent, Fiix became a CivicAction HireNext EmployerCivicAction is a non-profit organization that boosts civic engagement through programs that address social and economic challenges in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and beyond. In 2018, it launched HireNext to help employers find and develop young and diverse talent.

Free tools provide actionable steps

A historic number of youth are seeking jobs and employers are looking for ways to tap into creative, diverse thinking to figure out how to operate and thrive during the pandemic. Having the right tools to connect with a broad and diverse young talent pool has never been more relevant.

HireNext is a set of free, made-in-Canada tools to make sourcing, screening, and onboarding for entry-level candidates more inclusive and efficient. Organizations can take a brief online questionnaire to assess their human resources (HR) practices and receive three recommendations tailored to their organization. They can download a free guide that shares best practices and provides recommendations for hiring and retaining young talent. Templates and other resources help users implement the recommendations. As they move forward, organizations can track their progress and receive new recommendations.

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