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Greater Toronto Area is booming, but are we heading for a bust?

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By Sevaun Palvetzian

We all have that internal checklist. You know the one you check-off regularly in your head — child care payments, hydro bill, TTC schedule, what’s in the fridge that could (passably) be configured into dinner. Yes, these to-do lists may seem mundane, but they’re normal for us to make sure we’re covering our most immediate bases.

Just as relatable is how easily we can block out those seemingly distant, future needs.

A recent poll from CIBC found 53 per cent of Canadians aren’t sure if they’re saving enough for retirement, while a 2018 Angus Reid poll reported over half of Canadians reported not even having a will in place.

The same can be said for the ways we plan, build and maintain our cities. We’re really good at addressing issues that seem up close and personal, but not ones that might be considered a “future me” problem.

We’ll fix potholes and call it a success, but when it laying out the plan for decades worth of new roads, bridges, transit lines and bike lanes our collective foot often comes off the gas.

The reality for the GTA is that we’re booming. And that boom has an echo of nearly 100,000 people who move here every year — the same as filling Rogers Centre twice. This doesn’t include the almost 5,500 asylum seekers and refugees who have chosen Toronto as an important safe haven since 2016.

By 2041, it’s estimated that 10 million people will call our region home.

So how will our region adapt to this new 100,000 club? The current picture is murky.

Keep reading to find our what we need to do for a city that addresses the needs of today and tomorrow.

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