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Enhancing Awareness and Training

It can be a significant challenge for people who are experiencing a mental health issue if their co-workers or employer lack knowledge of how to be supportive. In particular, stigma makes it more difficult for people to acknowledge or seek help for mental health problems or illnesses. It can also reduce the extent of the support people with mental health problems or illnesses receive from co-workers or managers. Stigma can also make it more difficult for an employee who is on a mental health-related leave of absence from work to return to work in a timely, safe and supportive manner.

  1. Provide employees with information on mental well-being and available supports.
  • Invite employees to sign up for newsletters or weekly emails with articles or videos that provide strategies for coping both at work and home.


GWL Workplace Strategies for Mental Health Take Your Break! Newsletter

Working through It” weekly emails

  • Remind employees of available supports on a regular basis (eg: Employer and Family Assistance Plans, benefits programs, policies, healthy lifestyle programs – yoga, mindfulness)

Resource: Contact your benefits provider to request information or newsletters that can be recirculated.


  1. Engage employees in activities supportive of mental well-being.
  • Participate in a mental health awareness program on an annual basis. Check out these great campaigns.


Bell Let’s Talk campaign

David Suzuki’s 30 x 30 Nature Challenge

Canadian Mental Health Association – Not Myself Today campaign

Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week 

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) Mental Illness Awareness Week  (in October)

Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month (the month of October)

  • Create an employee-centered wellness committee that can collect information on the interests and needs of employees.

ResourceCanadian Mental Health Association – Toronto – Workplace Mental Health Promotion: A How to Guide – Appendix B


  1. Extend formal education/training opportunities to employees.
  • Book a Mental Health First Aid training session.

ResourceMental Health Commission of Canada Mental Health First Aid

  • Book The Working Mind workshop for employees

Resource:  Mental Health Commission of Canada The Working Mind workshop


  1. Participate in training in workplace mental well-being.
  • Book a Mental Health First Aid training session.

Resource:  Mental Health Commission of Canada Mental Health First Aid

  • Provide information to managers about how to accommodate people experiencing mental health issues.

Resource:  GWL Workplace Strategies for Mental Health Supporting Employee Success: A Tool to Plan Accommodations

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