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City Building with Gracie Goad

Written by Gracie Goad
Published in The Drake Blog

I call it my “third thing” – something to do beyond work + home life – but the Google-able name would be CivicAction DiverseCity Fellowship. And I’d like to pull back the curtain + show you what I’ve been doing these past few months to encourage you to get involved with the city we’re living in (even if politics is SO not your thing).

So, what is CivicAction + how come they can’t spell “diversity” correctly?

CivicAction is a non-profit organization with a strong love for the Greater Toronto + Hamilton areas, as well as blended words (I bet you they love guesstimate and chillax, too). The DiverseCity Fellows program is in its 7th year developing rising leaders, providing access to top influencers + a unique platform for community-focused action. You can get a lot more information by Googling it, take my word for it… it is nerdy fun times.

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