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Building Organizational Support

Providing targeted training (i.e. stress management and resilience training), an Employee Assistance Program, and psychological benefits and support can help to intervene earlier when an employee may be experiencing a mental health issue. If psychological distress and difficulty are not identified or addressed in a timely manner, they may well develop into more serious problems and functional impairment which will be much harder to resolve.


  1. Take action to reduce work-induced stress.
  • Offer resilience training to employees and teams

Resource:  MHCC webinar on resilience – by Karen Seward, President, SCM Health Solutions

  • Put in place a policy that discourages sending work emails before and after regular work hours.


  1. Connect co-workers to other mental health supports in the workplace and community.
  • Create a list of community resources that employees can access to seek assistance.

Resource:  GWL Workplace Strategies for Mental Health Mental Health Resource List Template

  • Offer an annual “wellness fair” where an Employee Assistance Program provider, benefits provider, or external community resources can offer information on their services – for employees and managers.


  1. Take steps to put a mental health strategy or plan in place.
  • Survey employees to understand their experiences and needs and see what types of activities / programs interest them the most, and create a base-line to track over time.

Resource: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Sample Workplace Health and Wellness Survey

  • Develop a mental health workplace plan.

Resource: Workplace Strategies for Mental Health Psychological Health and Safety Planning


  1. Take actions that will support people on leave or returning to work.
  • Put a formal return-to-work process in place within your organization and communicate it to employees.

Resource: Conference Board of Canada: Getting Back in the Game: Managing Disability and The Return to Work

  • Complete an individualized return-to-work plan for an employee returning to work from a mental health-related leave of absence.

Resource: Manulife’s Sample Return to Work Plan.

  • Develop a mental health workplace plan.

Resource: Workplace Strategies for Mental Health Developing a Workplace Plan

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