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A Message From CivicAction: Updates Regarding Evolving Programming

The challenges we face today as Canadians and global citizens are difficult and at times unsettling. But around the world, we are also seeing examples of individuals, companies and governments stepping up and coming together in the face of these challenges.

Civic engagement hasn’t and won’t stop. It may, however, take different forms and need to ramp up in different ways as we find a way forward to support our people and our communities.

CivicAction’s work to boost civic engagement and build better cities continues as we look for creative ways to collaborate with and gather our network virtually. To do our part to flatten the curve and protect our staff, families, participants and vulnerable residents, as of today CivicAction’s physical offices will be closed and staff will be working remotely.

Through YouthConnect, we will continue to deliver online learning and webinars for youth not working or in school as well as youth workers with a greater focus on resiliency, mental health and financial literacy. While employers may defer hiring in the short-term, we will continue to offer digital tools through HireNext to help ensure youth-inclusive HR practices are in place when hiring resumes. Programming delivered by the Leadership Foundation to support rising leaders will continue through new and creative digital formats.

CivicAction is committed to finding ways to unlock and engage our cross-sector network of partners to fill critical gaps at this time and to help the region recover as we continue to act as a voice for collaborative and inclusive community-building during this period. Stay tuned for new content and more virtual collaboration opportunities. If you have ideas about how we should engage, please email us at

At CivicAction we believe that great leaders build great cities and while our leadership is being tested, it will not falter.

Take care of yourself, your family and those in your community who may be vulnerable. As we act to create physical distance, make efforts to stay socially connected to your community to protect both our physical and mental health as a region.

Because this is where we live.

Tamara Balan
Interim CEO, CivicAction

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