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5 issues every Toronto voter should consider before casting a ballot

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By Sevaun Palvetzian

On Oct. 22, voters across Ontario will be conducting a collective hiring process as they head to the polls to choose their next mayors, councillors and school trustees. It’s not often that we get to perform a group job interview where each person gets to weigh in equally.

Looking at the resumes of our local candidates, there’s always a lot to go over. And for incumbents who may be getting more of a performance review, we’ll want to consider their achievements since the last election four years ago. But a lot can happen in such a short time.

Look no further than the past few weeks in Toronto. Debates and demonstrations regarding Toronto city council have rightly been more than just top of mind for voters and candidates. But with the court decision to move ahead with a 25-councillor election, it’s important to remind ourselves of some equally important issues at stake. Issues that require a clear vision and action from our elected representatives.

So as we get closer to election day and you start to weigh your options, here are five issues to consider asking your local GTA candidates.

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