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York Region commuter proposal comes with price

Support for Metrolinx’s proposed revenue tools is growing among York Region politicians and it will likely end up costing you in the end.

Although it’s still unclear how you’ll be asked to pay.

Seven York Region politicians — Georgina Mayor Rob Grossi, King Mayor Steve Pellegrini, King Ward 5 Councillor Debbie Schaefer, Richmond Hill Ward 6 Councillor Godwin Chan, Vaughan Ward 2 Councillor Tony Carella, Vaughan Ward 5 Councillor Alan Shefman and Markham Ward 3 Councillor Don Hamilton — have now pledged their support for the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance’s campaign, according to the group’s website.

The transportation planning body has until June 1 to submit its investment strategy to the province, outlining how it proposes to generate the $34 billion needed to build the next wave of Big Move projects in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The short list of revenue tools was released earlier this spring and included suggestions such as new tolls, sales taxes, parking space levies and transit fare hikes.

With the deadline quickly approaching, CivicAction launched its Your32 campaign, named for the amount of time a better transit and transportation network would save the average commuter. It encourages you to pledge your support for action and new funding mechanisms to get the GTHA moving.

As of yesterday, 865 members of the public and 25 elected representatives had taken the CivicAction pledge.

The early support of our elected officials is extremely encouraging, CivicAction chairperson and former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory said. The group looks forward to building on this success in advance of when Metrolinx delivers its investment strategy, expected by June 1.

“Then it will be up to our politicians to show true leadership and make the touch choices that will deliver the transportation network this region needs to grow and prosper.”

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