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Will province drag its feet on regional transit taxes?

You can’t persuade Roger Keil that Toronto-area residents aren’t willing to pay for better transportation.

The York University professor recently began driving the Highway 407 toll road to take his daughter to gymnastics lessons in Brampton.

“That highway’s always full. I don’t understand where the idea comes from that Torontonians are not willing to pay fees for these superstructures,” said the director of York’s City Institute.

When people are willing to pay significant sums for time-saving communications devices, it stands to reason they’ll pay for a faster, better commute, said Keil, who hosted a recent transit summit at York.

The question is, whether the province and municipalities have the courage to deliver the bill.

As a June deadline looms for Metrolinx to release its recommendations for taxes and fees to pay for transit expansion, there’s growing concern that the deficit-ridden, minority Liberal government won’t act.

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Tess Kalinowski

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