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Transit funding: A test of political will and citizen willingness

Toronto — all of it from the lake out to Hamilton and beyond — is about to be tested in a way and to a degree that’s nearly unmatched in our memory.

It’s about transportation — our mobility — and how we plan and pay for it.

“Feeling congested?” the new city campaign begins. “Toronto talks transportation.”

“What would you do with 32?” asks a parallel campaign by a group of civic do-gooders — a reference to the 32 minutes in reduced average commuting time that an investment of $50 billion would yield.

Ontario’s premier designate promises to burn political capital, if necessary, to get us the funding tools required over the next 25 years.

But in contrast, the Toronto mayor sticks by the mantra, now familiar and unsustainable, that we will have great transit without taxes.

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Royson James

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