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Transformational Learning and Responsible Citizenship: the evolving language of education in Ontario

Six years ago, Roberta Bondar led an Ontario-government working group on how to "re-integrate" environmental education into Ontario schools. The working group's report called for, among other things, increased curricular attention to "inquiry based learning," "action projects," and real world engagement.

This host of pedagogical ideas (and others like them) is part of a larger shift in education policy towards what is often referred to as "transformational learning."

While there's a lot to this idea, at base, transformational learning refers to the notion that students learn better when they're interacting with the world around them, when they can help to direct their own learning, and when they're actually engaged. And, at least among educators and researchers, the need to incorporate more transformational learning practice into the classroom has become fairly noncontroversial.

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Full article features an interview with Catherine Vlasov, a student from the University of Toronto Schools and one of CivicAction's Regional Transportation Champions.





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