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Toronto floods expose vulnerable infrastructure

Flooding, power outages and a precarious electricity grid presented challenges for building owners and managers in Toronto and neighbouring Mississauga, Ont., last week when an intense storm hit late Monday afternoon. Approximately 120 millimetres of rain fell within a few hours in some areas, causing serious spinoff repercussions when critical hydro transmission facilities were swamped and unable to function.

As of Friday, Toronto’s downtown and midtown relied on a somewhat makeshift transmission system rerouted through the Leaside transmission station on the east side of the city. Repairs are now underway at the Manby transmission station, which normally shares the task of delivering electricity from the west.

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) advised the general public to turn off all but essential lights, set air conditioners no lower than 26 C and avoid using power-intensive appliances like dishwashers, washers, laundry dryers and swimming pool pumps – an appeal for conservation still being made on Friday. Commercial real estate operators likewise curbed power use for lighting, cooling and non-essential escalators – actions that BOMA Toronto and programs like Toronto CivicAction’s Race to Reduce already widely encourage.

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