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Time to take collective action for a better city-region

Written by Sevaun Palvetzian and Rod Phillips
Published in the Toronto Star 

As the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) evolves, we get hit with new stresses. The issues we face today are arguably bigger and more complex while at the same time government budgets are shrinking. As we look to tackle these challenges, two ideas remain constant – no one sector can do it alone and the time for action is now.

Across almost every facet of our region, the issues of greatest concern are not new. On the contrary, they have been on the agenda for years. This “status quo” begs the question: How do we engage and enable multi-sector collaboration to finally get the job done?

The 2015 CivicAction Summit – Better City Bootcamp – on Tuesday, April 28, will convene hundreds of city-builders and leaders representing the private, public, and community sectors from across the region to chart an action plan to move the GTHA forward – specifically focused on five foundational issues at the core of the health of our people and communities. The summit is a call for all sectors to step up, be resourceful, and focus on solutions and action before it’s too late.

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