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Taxpayers warming to tolls, taxes: premier

The concept of new tolls, fees and taxes dedicated to transit and transportation infrastructure in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is slowly gaining traction with the public, Ontario’s premier says.

Speaking to reporters during yesterday’s CivicAction Forum: Our Region, Our Move in Toronto, Kathleen Wynne pointed to data from a new poll, commissioned by the organization, as evidence support for new revenue tools is on the rise.

“There is a growing coalition of broad-based support that understands this is necessary,” Ms Wynne said. “We now have to have the difficult discussion about how we pay for it.”

In her opening remarks to the large crowd at the forum, Ms Wynne spoke of the opinion gap that needs to be addressed between those who already agree new funding mechanisms to pay for transit are a must and those who oppose them. During the past decade, the province has invested about $16 billion into new transportation and transit projects, but that’s nowhere near enough to realize the myriad of plans contained in Metrolinx’s Big Move, which will require a commitment of about $2 billion per year for the next 25 years, she explained.

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