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Report confirms Toronto just isn’t in the Olympic league — and that’s a good thing

Written by Chris Selley
Published in the National Post

Remember when we were suddenly going to bid for the 2024 Olympics? It was weird, right? The timeline was absurdly short; there was no commitment from senior governments, and a federal election coming up; it was animated by wildly speculative claims of the suitability of Pan Am Games venues; and city council wasn’t even scheduled to meet by the deadline.

It was madness. And if time alone hasn’t afforded this insight, the Mayor’s Advisory Panel on International Hosting Opportunities does so in spades in its report, which was released with little fanfare last week. In the view of the panellists — former Royal Bank CEO Gord Nixon, CivicAction CEO Sevaun Palvetzian and former Pan Am Games CEO Saäd Rafi — any future Toronto bids for “mega-events” like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and (no, seriously) World Expos should proceed … exactly as the 2024 bid would not have done.

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