Race to Reduce


Congratulations to the Toronto region’s commercial office landlords and tenants who crossed the finish line on November 5, 2015 with ground-breaking results in our energy marathon Race to Reduce!

Representing more than 42% of the region’s commercial office sector, building owners, tenants and their employees took sustainability to new heights. Throughout the four years of the Race, they reduced their collective energy use by 12.1% , surging past the program’s 10% target.

At the concluding ceremony of this award-winning smart energy office challenge we recognized more than 80 organizations, celebrating remarkable collaboration and building performance results.

View the News Release, the results infographic, and event photos.


CivicAction’s Race to Reduce is a friendly corporate challenge that represents unprecedented collaboration between office building landlords and tenants to encourage smart energy use. It encourages behavioral and positive team-building amongst landlords, tenants and their employees.

Both landlords and tenants have a role to play in energy reduction. Office buildings account for close to 25% of the carbon emissions in the GTA and consume 37% of the electricity. Tenant use of office space can represent 25-50% of a building’s total energy use.

The Race to Reduce is a plan of action and a tool kit of technical advice and case study intelligence and know-how that will guide organizations in:

  • increasing awareness of their energy use
  • measuring and monitoring their energy use
  • changing the way they operate or changing the equipment they use to reduce their energy use / increase their energy efficiency.

The Race to Reduce took the equivalent of 4,200 cars off the road and put $13.7 million back into office landlords’ and tenants’ pockets.