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Opinion: Let’s get moving on a regional transportation system

When it comes to our transportation system, there are two things most of us can agree on: That we need to invest more, and that we don’t want to see our hard-earned tax dollars wasted as we invest more.

Our transportation system has been chronically underfunded for decades, and today’s congestion is affecting our health and our quality of life.

Through CivicAction’s Your32 campaign (, people are telling us that what they wish for most out of a better system is time—time to work out, to cook healthy meals, to sleep, and to actually be there as our kids grow up. Our outdated system is taking a human toll on all of us — whether we’re stuck in traffic in our cars or buses, or watching one packed subway after another pass us by.

The Sun’s editorial, ‘Transit funding? We’re screwed’ (Jan. 30), claimed that City of Toronto consultations won’t ask whether the $350 million per year Toronto already receives from Ottawa and Queen’s Park in gas taxes and parking fees is enough to fund transit infrastructure. Notwithstanding the fact that the consultations do ask if people are convinced new revenues are required, $350 million per year is far short of our city’s share of the $2 billion annually we need to make Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan, The Big Move, a reality.

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John Tory and Mitzie Hunter

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