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OP-ED: Toronto’s transit solution can’t end in Toronto

On Tuesday, Toronto’s executive committee is scheduled to consider a city manager’s report calling for public consultations on new, dedicated revenue tools for transit expansion. Most important, the report calls for the regional transportation plan to be implemented and funded on a regional basis. We urge the executive committee to heed these recommendations.

In recent months, Toronto’s city council has shown leadership by connecting the need to finance transportation infrastructure expansion with the need for new revenue tools. But that debate has focused on revenue that would be collected and spent solely within the city. This reflects a well-intentioned desire to address Toronto’s urgent transit needs, and improve life for constituents. For that, they should be commended.

But as the city manager’s report sets forth, council needs to move this discussion forward within the context of the broader region.

Every day, more than 350,000 people commute into Toronto. Nearly as many Torontonians pass them in the other direction while heading to work in other municipalities. Residents and organizations across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area dream of moving faster and more easily within and across municipal boundaries, and reaching that goal requires regional solutions.

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Mitzie Hunter, Geoff Cape, Cherise Burda, Carol Wilding and Franz Hartmann

Appeared In (Publisher):

The Globe & Mail