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Thanks to original research with partners CANCEA and Morneau Shepell, we now know that half of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) workforce has experienced a mental health issue.

Beyond compassion, there is a strong business case for supporting mental health in the workplace:

82%: The percentage of employees who report mental health issues say it impacts their work.

$17 billion: in lost productivity in the next 10 years from current mental health issues.

The good news is that employers WANT to do more.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 32% of Canadian business leaders are taking action to address workplace mental health, while 42% are interested but haven’t taken action due to barriers such as lack of time, resources, or know-how.

Through its model of action through multi-sector collaboration, CivicAction has developed a workplace program that will drive greater motivation and know-how on creating mental health-supportive workplaces with a 30+-person Champions Council and Advisory Group of senior and rising leaders from across sectors and across the GTHA. 

Discover why workplace mental health is a priority for these organizations.

Introducing MindsMatter – Workplace mental health just got easier!


CivicAction’s MindsMatter program provides an online assessment tool  designed to help you quickly know where your organization is at in supporting your people’s mental health and how to better support them.

The assessment tool is free, confidential, easy to use, and takes under three minutes to complete.

Once you’ve taken the assessment, you are given a tailored report that provides three suggested actions and a sampling of resources suggested by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, with the financial support of Health Canada.

Take the assessment here today.

Hundreds of organizations have already taken the assessment and have started their journey to a more mentally healthy workplace.
See what they have to say.


Beginning in April 2016, we took action on the issue of mental health in the workplace. We started by releasing original research with partners CANCEA and Morneau Shepell. You can read about what happened at our April event here, and see the pictures by clicking on the image below. 

More recently, on Dec 2, 2016, we had over 150 civic and business leaders from across the GTHA gather to hear about our program, including our free online assessment tool. Read about what happened here, and see pictures of the day here

Pictures from CivciAction's April Mental Health in the Workplace Announcement

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