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Millennials looking for mental health services at work: survey

Written by May Warren
Published on Toronto Metro

Millennials are more likely than other generations to seek and use mental health services from their workplace, according to a new survey from Centennial College and the non-profit CivicAction.


Sarah Harris, communications director for CivicAction, said many millennials are in “a big transition point” at the beginning of their careers, which can be tough.

“You look at youth unemployment rates and things like that, it’s definitely not easy for young people to find their footing in life,” she said.

As well, many younger people are more willing to talk honestly about mental health challenges than their parents and grandparents, as attitudes around mental illness start to change.

Harris said many employers want to offer mental health services but don’t know where to start.

CivicAction offers a free, quick tool to help employers find what resources are best for their workforce called MindsMatter.

“There’s actually so many different services and resources out there, but it’s almost like an ocean,” Harris said.

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