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MILLENNIAL MIND: Code red report bang on for millennials

By Priya Ramanujam
Published on 

Ontario is the second worst economy in Canada for younger generations a.k.a. people under 45.

That is the key message in a recent report titled Code Red released by University of British Columbia’s Dr. Paul Kershaw and his advocacy organization Generation Squeeze.

Among other things the report finds “full-time earnings have fallen by $4,600 by comparison to when today’s aging population was young” and “hard work pays off less for young citizens in Ontario now by comparison with the past.”

Ontario fares worse than all other provinces except British Columbia.


The struggles of the “average” millennial are often chalked up to youth unemployment, home ownership or student loan debts. But for some millennials these “generational” challenges are compounded by other complex barriers — institutional racism or the cycle of poverty are just two that come to mind.

Knowing all of this it’s no wonder that whenever I check in with my peers to see how they’re doing, “stressed” or “overwhelmed” are common responses. Similarly for when they check in on me.

It’s why a recent survey conducted by Centennial College and CivicAction that showed millennials are more likely than their Baby Boomers or generation X counterparts to seek mental health services at work made perfect sense.

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