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Mental illness in the workplace costing us in loss productivity: CivicAction study

Written by Kevin Connor
Published in Toronto Sun

Alicia Raimundo is one of the 1.5 million people in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area who has had a mental health problem while in the workplace.

Research by CivicAction — a nonprofit group of civic leaders — shows that one in two people in the GTHA labour force experience mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and bipolar and substance abuse disorders.

And the study — to be released Monday — found mental health problems could result in $17 billion in lost productivity in the next decade.

Raimundo’s anxiety and depression started when she was 13 and had suicidal thoughts.

Three years ago, the then-23-year-old, who was working in the technology sector, had a therapist and other supports needed to stay grounded.

After she made a television appearance for Bell Lets Talk Day — a high-profile effort to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues — Raimundo said a boss told her she would have never of been hired if he knew she had been suicidal.

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