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Kathleen Wynne’s high-stakes gamble to unblock gridlock: Cohn

Next week, Wynne has scheduled a major speech outlining her vision to Toronto’s board of trade — a right-leaning business audience that has become the biggest ally of this left-leaning politician.

Last month, the board issued its own roadmap showing how to bankroll $50 billion in long overdue investments by tapping into special transportation revenues: parking fees, gas taxes, a regional sales tax and optional tolls for “premium” express lanes.

Next up, in mid-April: CivicAction, an umbrella group of progressive NGOs will weigh in with its own call for an adult discussion on gridlock and transit, without which ordinary Torontonians will be stranded.

The timeline for talking up traffic — first big business, then the premier, followed by progressive voices — will raise the stakes for the spring budget in late April: Wynne’s government will lay down basic principles but stop short of any specific tax proposals that could prompt the opposition parties to defeat her minority government. That comes later.



Martin Regg Cohn

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