In 2016, the federal government committed $60 billion in new infrastructure funding over the next 10 years – a critically important investment in the future of Canada.

In response to this new chapter in our nation’s infrastructure story, CivicAction – in partnership with Deloitte – conducted a series of roundtables and interviews with civic and community leaders from across the GTHA, representing the not-for-profit, private, labour, academic, and municipal and provincial government sectors.

The report Ensuring we Get it Right is the outcome of this process, and provides a set of recommendations to help guide sound infrastructure investment decisions:

  1. To be globally competitive, we must be globally connected: the GTHA can be globally competitive if we can strengthen our trade-enabling infrastructure, ease congestion, and increase international investment in local enterprise.
  2. Build the skills to build the assets: investing in the skills to drive Canada’s current and future infrastructure priorities will leave a dual legacy for our communities.
  3. It takes a village: community partners have diverse expertise and valuable resources to offer and can accelerate innovation and inclusion for quick wins and sustainable solutions
  4. The need for speed: we need to be more efficient in order to take advantage of current market conditions and more focused on minimizing disruption from changing political priorities.
  5. The future begins right now: investments in resilient infrastructure will allow our communities the flexibility to adapt and scale to shifting needs over time.

In the interest of unlocking the untapped potential of future investments, consultation participants also reinforced some foundational concepts to guide investment decisions:

  1. Inclusiveness must be woven throughout the infrastructure investment process.
  2. The federal government needs to empower local leadership and autonomous decision-making.
  3. All investments should drive economic growth and improve quality of life.

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