Housing for Everyone: An Affordable Housing Agenda for the Toronto Region

Greater Toronto Summit 2011 Breakout Session

The Challenge: Safe, secure and affordable housing is needed across the Toronto region. While the vast majority of people in the region are fortunate in having access to a full range of housing opportunities, almost one in five households (322,415) continue to struggle with finding and keeping an affordable home. The development of new affordable housing has not kept pace with the region’s needs.

There is simply not enough affordable housing for those who need it. Some 26% of owners and 46% of renters pay too much for housing (more than 30 per cent of their income). Many low-income people must choose between paying for housing or buying food. Many homes in high rise rental towers are aging and need repairs, vacancy rates are decreasing and waitlists for social housing are growing.

Find the backgrounder for Housing for Everyone: An Affordable Housing Agenda for the Toronto Region here.

Toronto Regional Housing Data Bank available here.

Regional Housing Forum proceedings document available here.
Neighbourhoods and Affordable Housing Roundtable proceedings document available here.

Moderator: Laura di Battista, CBC


  • Mitzie Hunter, Chief Administrative Officer, Toronto Community Housing
  • Mazyar Mortazavi, Principal, TAS DesignBuild
  • Jean-François Courville, Chair, Habitat for Humanity Toronto and President & CEO, Manulife Asset Management
  • Sylvia Patterson, General Manager, Housing and Long Term Care, York Region

Questions for Discussion
  1. What is the best way to co-ordinate region-wide housing activity? If a region-wide working group were used, what could be its primary goals?
  2. If a public education campaign was launched to advance affordable housing within each region and region-wide, who should be involved and what elements should be included?
  3. What role can the information in the Data Bank play to support existing efforts and new initiatives?