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Want to better attract and retain young talent? Want to increase diversity of thought and experience in your organization?

Take the HireNext Assessment today, your GPS to a more youth-inclusive destination. It’s free, quick, and easy to use. Want more? Download the HireNext Roadmap.


HireNext GPS

Take a quick and tailored assessment that provides easy directions to youth-inclusive HR approaches.

Assess all or one of the following:

  • Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Screening & Selection
  • Onboarding & Retention

Receive 3 tailored recommendations.


HireNext Roadmap

When it comes to youth-inclusive hiring, we’ve got your trip mapped-out. Access proven best practices for hiring and retaining youth.


HireNext employers

Want to travel alongside a top-tier coalition of employers?
Commit to taking the assessment and adopting at least one action.


HireNext has benefited from the tremendous leadership of employers and partners from across all sectors, with special contributions from the Escalator team of Special Advisors.

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