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The Spectator’s View: Harnessing the power of the GTHA

Written by Howard Elliott
Published in the Hamilton Spectator 

Could the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area develop into an entity that is greater than the sum of its parts? Could GTHA communities working together have a bigger impact on shared challenges compared to working independently?

The logical answer is yes. Simply by virtue of critical mass, the GTHA could be more of a force for positive change than single communities working in relative isolation. So if there was an organization that had a mandate to focus on solving problems common across the region, would it be worthy of support?

It does exist, and its objectives are worthy. Every four years CivicAction holds a summit where it brings together leaders from across economic and social sectors. The alliance wants to “put our finger on the pulse and identify the biggest issues facing the region.” After setting a non-partisan agenda, the group goes to work building partnerships, launching campaigns, programs and organizations to address the challenges.

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