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GTA residents value more diverse leadership, study finds

A new study commissioned by DiverseCity, a group devoted to diversifying leadership in the Greater Toronto Area, shows that the region’s residents value ethnic and cultural diversity in business, education, and politics.

According to a survey [PDF] conducted on DiverseCity’s behalf by Nanos Research, 43 per cent of 1,000 respondents said more ethnically and culturally diverse leadership is important. When respondents learned that only 14 per cent of leadership roles in the GTA are held by visible minority groups and underrepresented immigrant groups (even though these groups make up about half of the GTA’s population) they were more likely to say the status quo isn’t good enough.

Respondents were particularly concerned with the lack of diverse representation among the GTA’s political leadership—only one in 10 said elected officials adequately reflect the population. When asked where they saw the most diverse leadership, residents were most likely to mention the media and the civil service.

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Desmond Cole

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