Greening Greater Toronto

Find out more about the Race to Reduce, a unique Greening Greater Toronto program that represents unprecedented collaboration between office building landlords and tenants to encourage smart energy use.

See how CivicAction's non-partisan, inclusive, and results-oriented approach will take more than 27,000 cars off the road, generate $26 million dollars in energy savings, and $13 million annually in perpetuity.

Greening Greater Toronto is a unique partnership of many hundreds of individuals and organizations across the GTA committed to making the Toronto region the greenest city region in North America by achieving reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, better air quality, improved water quality, reduced waste and more sustainable land use.

Created in response to the 2007 Toronto Summit’s call for a regional environmental vision and plan that would build upon the existing efforts and leadership of environmental organizations, governments, research institutions and businesses, Greening Greater Toronto serves as a vital link between the public, private and non-profit sectors and works to dissolve misalignments between key stakeholders, with an emphasis on several key opportunities:

  • Commercial Building Energy Initiative (Race to Reduce): Bringing together commercial building owners, landlords and tenants to overcome barriers, identify strategies and develop processes to improve commercial building energy efficiency.
  • Green Procurement: Promoting and facilitating the adoption of green procurement practices to drive energy and cost savings and the success of Ontario’s green sector.
  • Greening Canada Fund: Helping large Canadian organizations reduce their environmental footprints through a voluntary fund that purchases carbon offsets from green projects in schools and other Canadian organizations, reducing their energy use and costs, and creating  green jobs and opportunities for using green technologies.

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The Greening Greater Toronto Task Force is co-chaired by:

  • Blair Feltmate, Chair, Climate Change Adaptation Project (Canada) Associate Professor and Director, Sustainability Practice, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo
  • Cam Fowler, EVP, Head of Strategic Management and Corporate Marketing, BMO Financial Group
  • Linda Mantia, Head, Cards and Payment Solutions, RBC
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