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How giving back is good for your company

Written by Brian Church
Published in the Globe & Mail

How much is giving back a part of your office’s culture? You will be hard pressed to find a successful company who hasn’t made an effort to spread its good fortune around. It’s crucial for businesses big and small to make a difference in a way that is authentic and ties back to the organization’s goals.

With the manpower and resources at their disposal, business leaders are in a unique position to make a difference. If every company came together to dedicate time, resources and, in some cases, funds to charities, the potential for positive change could be boundless. While a desire to give back without expecting anything in return is paramount, there’s no doubt it can also have a positive impact on your workplace.

Dedicating your time and resources to a cause that your team cares about and inspiring others to do the same can increase employee engagement. Here are some lessons I have learned about the importance of giving back for organizations and how charitable initiatives can inspire loyalty.


Culture is key when retaining top talent

To earn employees’ loyalty, you must provide them with a workplace they can be proud of. Giving back is a critical component of creating a thriving workplace culture and ensures that your organization is about more than its bottom line. Lead by example and empower your employees to make a difference. By working together towards a cause that you are passionate about, you provide them with an opportunity to add value that extends beyond your company and into the community.

I have heard nothing but positive feedback from employees about how our company gives back. This year we are planning to continue to give back through our relationship with CivicAction, focusing is on combating youth unemployment.

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